Movie Poop Shoot

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This is a tribe for people who want to bitch about movies and review them honestly. Do not expect a bunch of warm feelings here. If you liked Sky Captain, Blade Trinity, The Forgotten or The Village... This probably isn't the tribe for you... Try Movie Whores, they seem to be tolerant of absolute rubbish. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Jay and silent bob are the bomb boy !!!!!!!!!!!...  topic
avengers movie  topic
Man Of Steel  topic
All you moth­­er fuc­­kers are going to pay!  topic
i heart huckabees  topic
bleep this asshole  topic
Guidelines set forth to be skewed and ignored.  topic
Sideways  topic
Honey...  topic
Ong Bak  topic
possible movie ratings  topic
Monday's Rentals  topic
Let downs  topic
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